She Was Told Her Baby Wouldn’t Survive, But She Decided To Give Birth Anyway For This Beautiful Reason

baby would not survive

One of the hardest decisions for a mother is to let her child go. Even when you are told that your child has no chance of surviving. However, one mother made the decision to go through with the birth of both her twins despite knowing that one of them wouldn’t make it. There was something Emma Lee could do, something that would make her daughter’s life mean more and let her memory live on for generations to come.

It started with the story of another baby, Teddy Houlston.

Twelve weeks into Jess Evans’ pregnancy, doctors told her one of her twins wouldn’t survive more than a day or two after delivery. The one thing Jess and her husband knew they could do for their son was let him save other lives.

baby would not survive

One hundred minutes after Teddy was born, he passed away.

That’s when doctors removed his kidneys and heart valves, and he became the youngest organ donor. A man named Mike had renal failure, but with Teddy’s kidneys he was able to be saved. But that’s not the only impact Teddy had.

baby would not survive

This story inspired Emma Lee and her husband, Drew.

At 13 weeks pregnant with twins, Emma was told that her daughter would not survive long after birth. Doctors encouraged the couple to go through with a selective abortion.

baby would not survive

Knowing Teddy’s story gave them hope.

Emma and Drew wanted a way for Hope to live on. “When we found out Hope wouldn’t survive, knowing Teddy’s story made me confident doctors could do the same thing.”

baby would not survive

Hope died 74 minutes after being born.

Her liver cells and kidneys were donated, making her the youngest organ donor ever.

baby would not survive

Losing a child is never easy, but Emma and her husband have found some light in the dark situation.

“Today she is still living on inside someone else and it helps with the grief … it’s taken some of the pain away.”

baby would not survive

These donations keep people alive.

In the UK alone, 6,000 people have died in the past 10 years waiting for transplants. Hope’s donation can keep five people alive while they wait for organs.

baby would not survive

Doctors say that if organ donation is not possible, they will find another way like tissue donation.

Her father said that Hope is their new hero. “She only lived for 74 minutes, but she has achieved more than some people do in a lifetime. We feel our little girl is a hero.”

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