She Unzips Her Sweater To Reveal The Most Adorable Thing You Could Possibly Imagine…

Matt and Kylie, employees at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia, were woken up at 3 a.m. by something furry crawling across their face. An average person would scream, jump out of bed, turn on the lights and call animal control, but this is a normal night. At that point, the couple decided to adopt Imogen, a young koala, and raise her in their own home.

Imogen’s mother, Kelly, allowed Matt and Kylie to adopt her daughter after deciding to adopt another koala herself. Kelly allowed the couple to take her daughter so she could focus more on her newly adopted son. As tough as raising a koala can be, there’s no doubt Matt and Kylie are thankful for one koala’s act of compassion that gave them the opportunity to raise Imogen.


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