When It Starts Raining, This Little Girl Is Overjoyed. What Her Dad Does Next Will Make You Smile.

We’re calling it now – Harper Swift was born to be a star. Not only is the 1-year-old adorable and charismatic, she’s blessed with parents who have a knack for capturing precious moments. On October 21, 2014, Harper’s father, Don, uploaded a video of his daughter crawling for the first time. Of course, she was headed straight for the family’s pet Chocolate Lab! To this day, over 14 million people have viewed Harper’s 1:05 crawl, making her a certified YouTube sensation.

While many people try (and fail) to become popular on YouTube, it’s often simple, intimate moments that receive the most views. These kinds of clips can be difficult to capture, but Harper’s newest video is definitely a prime example. It features a toddler, her dad and some warm summer rain, just the ingredients to leave you smiling. It truly is the smallest things in life that bring the most pleasure.


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