Interesting Facts About Animals That You Probably Never Heard Of…

Rather than just offer you another round of photos, we thought this time we’d remind you of just how unusual and amazing are the lives of all the different animals which inhabit our world.

Here are 30 facts — some odd, some funny, some cute and some just incredible — about our smaller cousins you almost certainly never knew before.

facts about animalsSea otters hold hands while they sleep in order to avoid being carried away by the current.

facts about animalsSquirrels plant thousands of new trees every year because they forget where they hid all of their acorns.

facts about animalsA male puppy will often let a female puppy win a game, even if he has a physical advantage over her.

facts about animalsThis is what the paws of a lynx look like.

facts about animalsTortoises can breathe through their behinds.

facts about animalsCows have best friends who they spend most of their time with.

facts about animalsPenguins ’propose’ to other penguins by offering them pebbles as a gift.

facts about animalsThere is a prison in Washington where the inmates help to socialize aggressive and unfriendly cats which can’t be given over to families. These cats would otherwise be threatened with being put to sleep because of their behavioral problems. The cats begin to be socialized by the love they receive from the inmates, which in turn offers the possibility that they might be rehoused.

facts about animalsMacaques in Japan know how to use coins in order to buy snacks from vending machines.

facts about animalsIn Edinburgh, a knighthood has been awarded to a penguin. His full name is Sir Nils Olav.

facts about animalsIn China, killing a panda carries a death sentence.

facts about animalsSpiders can’t fly. And we’re very, very glad.

facts about animalsShow jumping competitions for rabbits are held in Sweden. The competition is called Kaninhoppning.

facts about animalsPigs experience orgasms which last for 30 minutes.

facts about animalsDolphins give each other names.

facts about animalsPuffins have life-long mates. They build homes for themselves and their partner in steep cliffs and even set up a toilet nearby.

facts about animalsScientists have determined that cows produce more milk if they listen to calming music. But they produce most of all when they hear ’Everybody Hurts’ by R.E.M. and ’Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed.

facts about animalsOysters can change their sex depending on that of their mate.

facts about animalsSnow leopards cover their faces with their tail when they sleep in order to keep warm.

facts about animalsJapanese macaques play in the snow for fun.

facts about animalsThere is a cat equivalent of the Welsh corgi: the Munchkin cat.

facts about animalsIn some countries, prison inmates help to train guide dogs. Many of them claim that this helps them feel that they are atoning for their crimes.

facts about animalsSeahorses also mate for life. They latch on to each other by the tail when they swim.

facts about animalsBefore a chick hatches from its egg, it communicates with its mother and other chicks with special sounds heard through the shell.

facts about animalsThe nose print of every dog is unique and can be used to identify individual animals.

facts about animalsThe jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula is the only known creature on Earth which lives forever.

facts about animalsCrows are clever enough to play tricks on each other.

facts about animalsButterflies taste things through their legs.

facts about animalsScientists have discovered that goats have accents depending on where they come from, just like humans.

facts about animalsCats show their trust by touching a person with their forehead. This is also a cat’s way of letting you know that you are safe.

facts about animalsSquirrels adopt the children of other squirrels if they have been abandoned.


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