When Scientists Studied The Amish, They Were Amazed That This Was Significantly Lower

We are always looking for the cure for cancer. What we don’t seem to pay attention to are the people who don’t seem to have the massive rates of cancer that the rest of the population has.

That is finally being studied as a Cancer Causes and Control study is saying that cancer rates in Amish people are significantly lower than any other group in the United States! The Ohio State University researchers had a typical bias that many have when they started the study. Naturally, they thought, the Amish were going to have an increased risk of illness due to not having access to all those wonderful pharmaceuticals and modern medicines, right? Wrong. The Amish cancer rate was very low.

The researchers then dialed into their lifestyle, which includes many staying away from drinking and smoking, while not living promiscuously due to their beliefs. Thus lifestyle was a big factor. But they also are engaged in physical work every day involving construction and agriculture. No TV’s either.

Food has to play a huge role as well, as they grown their own and the fruits and veggies are organic. And their dairy is unprocessed.

While many mock the Amish from time to time, these are the people who are actually holding the keys to high health, and cancer-free lifestyles.


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