9 Adult Beverages Only Troublesome Kids From The ‘90s Will Remember

Anyone remember the urge to sneak one of these from your parents’ fridge?

adult beverages 1

At dad’s this weekend? Maybe he would let you try some Bud Dry!

adult beverages 2

Long before those memorable Budweiser frogs, there was the Budweiser penguin.

adult beverages 3

And before Fireball there was Aftershock.

adult beverages 4

What ’90s teenager didn’t flirt with a stranger in the liquor store parking lot in order to procure a Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktail?

adult beverages 5

Or Alizé.

adult beverages 6

Red Dog was quite popular with the kid whose parents always seemed to be out of town.

adult beverages 7

Anyone remember drinking a nice cold Ice House?

adult beverages 8

You may have told that strange older kid who was always hanging around to grab you some St. Ide’s.

adult beverages 9

Then of course there was the non-alcoholic beer fad — that one pointless beer your parents might have let you drink.

adult beverages 10(Source)

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