Adele’s Reaction To A Fan Filming Her On Stage Is Shocking

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing someone taking a picture or recording something. That’s fine … until you’re at a public venue with thousands of people who are all trying to capture the moment instead of being in it. Can an audience truly appreciate a performance when they’re distracted by their own attempts to capture what is happening right before them? How can artists believe they are performing to people, when all they see is a sea of glowing screens? Have we all become a little less human because we only have partial experience of things now? Let’s face it, we could all learn how to be more mindful, and appreciate the present moment to experience life to its fullest.

So, is it a great shock that singer Adele had a strong reaction to seeing a fan recording her at a recent concert? She is one of the biggest and most beloved stars out there. Fans adore her and everyone wants to be her; there are covers and different renditions of her songs everywhere. The demand for tickets to her shows is so high that they are always sold out in seconds. So, shouldn’t the people lucky enough to attend actually watch the show with their own eyes instead of through a screen? They could be recording it for someone who couldn’t attend – but would they really appreciate the performance by watching it through a screen the next day?
The question still stands, is it the fan’s right to record the artist since they paid for admission? Or is Adele’s reaction justified because she is the one performing?


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