Abandoned Cat Is Found With His Litter Box Full Of His Possessions On The Corner Of The Street

A cat was abandoned on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, with his litter box and other cat supplies.  The poor thing was just sitting there crying.  abandoned cat rescued

A photo of the heartbreaking display was shared on the Flatbush Area Team for Cats’ (FAT Cats) Facebook page. Shortly after being spotted, Nostrand, (named after the street he was found on), disappeared when he was scared away by a street sweeper.

“We are a very close-knit community and people often post if they see an animal distressed or in need of assistance,” Elizabeth Champ, one of the founders of FAT Cats, a Brooklyn-based group of trap, neuter and return advocates said.

Champ said that as soon as she heard about Nostrand, she immediately went on the hunt for him, as did many other members of the neighborhood.

abandoned cat rescued

“We would like to thank our neighbors, many of whom took time out of their day to look for this poor cat,” FAT Cats wrote on Facebook last Wednesday, the same day his photo was posted on Facebook. “Due to today’s heat and the amount of construction and noise on Nostrand Ave. today, it’s our belief that he is hiding somewhere until things get quieter and cooler.”

After days of searching, aided by rescue groups and concerned neighbors alike, Nostrand turned up in the backyard of Brooklyn local and retired cat rescuer Karen Oh on Sunday morning.

abandoned cat rescued

“We immediately brought him to get vetted, and screened for a microchip,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “No microchip, but we are happy to say he is a healthy 1-year-old male.” Champ said that Nostrand was a “dream” during his initial visit to the Prospect Park Animal Clinic, where he was examined.

abandoned cat rescued

“[He] didn’t even mind having blood drawn for testing,” she said. “Unfortunately, many male cats get dumped when they mature because there are not enough low-cost spay/neuter resources in NYC,” Champ added. “People can’t afford to get them fixed, so they often dump them and get another cat.”

Luckily for Nostrand, he’s now in the safe care of FAT Cats and is due for a neuter appointment soon. He’ll be on the search for his forever home, thanks to the impressive community dedicated to saving him.

abandoned cat rescued

“Flatbush, like most of Brooklyn, is in a lot of transition,” Champ said. “But animals are one thing that really brings people together.”


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