Previously Unseen Footage Of 9/11 Attacks Has Taken The Internet By Storm

15 years has passed since the September 11th attacks occurred.This week, seemingly out of nowhere a video of the attacks taken from a NYU dorm room has been going viral, racking up more than 6 millions views.
A very disturbing video to say the least:

The student at the time who shot it was Caroline Dries. She had been residing high up in the NYU dorm room that was located at 200 Wall Street.After the first plane had hit the tower, the video begins. None of the students are aware what had just happened, mainly believing that some sort of explosion must have taken place.Then we see the people jump from the tower. It must be office equipment, or debris, the students are hoping. Yet it is humans.
They then get on the phone and are talking with their parents.

The second plane then hits the tower.

Total panic takes over as the students scream in horror and realize that these are multiple attacks and if there were two there could be more. They begin gathering what they can and getting out of the building as quickly as possible, screaming in horror along the way.Again, a very disturbing video, yet one that forces us all to recall the horror that everyone felt that day, especially those that were so close to the towers and were actually watching with their own eyes the devastation occurring and the thousands of people being killed, some forced to jump out of buildings to their death.No one will ever forget, nor should forget what happened. Still, viewer discretion advised as the video is definitely intense.


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