These 3D Floors Transform Bathrooms Into A Surreal Experience

What would you think of a home that’s half underwater?  It has coral reefs and plenty of marine life surrounding it.   The catch? You pretty much have to be a millionaire to even think about it.

But, if you’re far from the coastline, you can bring the ocean right into your bathroom with some paint and imagination.

No, the bathroom isn’t overflowing, it’s all trompe l’oeil.

3D floors 1

Thankfully, so are these fish of an unusual size.

3D floors 2

These tropical fish appear to flit back and forth in shallow water on the floor.

3D floors 3

Step out of the bathtub and into your very own reef.

3D floors 4

The starfish and water droplets make this small space feel large and clean.

3D floors 5

Your very own bathroom dolphin.

3D floors 6

All the beauty of standing on shore, none of the annoying sand.

3D floors 7

A mix of water and clear blue skies makes for the most relaxing bathroom.

3D floors 8

Your bathroom dolphin is watching you.

3D floors 9

The shadows make this look even more realistic.

3D floors 10

Look at the detail in this water.

3D floors 11

That’s a deep pool.

3D floors 12

If ocean scenes aren’t your thing, you can really let your imagination go wild with this Nintendo-inspired 3-D floor.

3D floors 13(Source)

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