This House Is More Than 300 Years Old, But It Is Utterly Stunning Inside

This house on the coast of Cornwall, Great Britain, was built in 1680! It might seem small from the outside; it is a bit small to reside in with its low ceilings, small windows, and thick stone walls. But when a young couple bought it and turned it into a modern, cozy home…well wait until you see the outcome.

The house itself

300 years old 1

The entrance

300 years old 2

The living room

300 years old 3

The fireplace

300 years old 4

The bedroom

300 years old 5

The children’s room

300 years old 6

The bathroom

300 years old 7

The kitchen

300 years old 8

The breakfast corner

300 years old 9

The patio

300 years old 10(Source)

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