Her 24-Day-Old Baby Tragically Dies After Receiving Something Most Would Not Think Twice About

A 24-day-old baby named Eloise Lampton from Queensland, Australia, tragically passed away after receiving a kiss from someone with a cold sore. The child was airlifted to a hospital in Brisbane where she was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus.

The mother, Sarah Pugh, told ABC, “I don’t suffer from cold sores and was never really aware of them, but doctors told me that they think my daughter caught the virus one or two days after birth.” Pugh now shares her tragic story in hopes of raising awareness on this issue and encouraging better safety for newborns, especially prior to vaccination.

Doctors urge people to always wash your hands and to avoid kissing newborns on the mouth. The entire incident came as a huge surprise for Pugh as this was her fourth child.


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