This 10-Year-Old Boy’s Little Sister Was Suddenly In Trouble. What He Did Next Was Completely Heroic…

Garrett Williams turned a potentially tragic situation into a heroic one when he saved his 6-year-old sister Shanna from choking to death. This would be incredible no matter what, but what makes this even more amazing is that the heroic Garrett is only 10 years old!

Garrett and Shanna were in the car with their grandparents when Shanna started choking on — ironically — a Lifesaver. Her grandfather quickly pulled the car over and tried to help her, but it wasn’t working. Even in his young age, Garrett knew he needed to do something to help.

“I knew it was serious, because I did see her lips turning blue,” he told Canada’s CTV News Nova Scotia.

Fortunately, Garrett had the training to help Shanna. He performed the Heimlich maneuver — a skill he learned in a first aid school course he took when he was only 8 years old — and the Lifesaver popped out.

“If something like this saves one kid’s life, it’s worth it,” says his mother. “And it has saved Shanna’s life.”

Do you know what to do if someone is choking? If not, take a look at this guide for how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on babies, children, adults, and even yourself for the basics. If you have pets, you might even want to learn how to perform doggie CPR in case of a pet emergency too.


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